New York's BLANK the Musical. A digital interactive musical improv show that literally had not script, only the talent of the performers and the suggestions from the audience sent via the shows app.

To capture the experience of the show the performers were painting in white, along with the sets. It was a rather surreal, clock orange kind of shoot.
"Who needs a script? ... Witty and likable ... Credible, ludicrous and utterly familiar. Logic and harmony... on the spot and off the cuff. Improbably, ridiculous harmony."

"Blank! The Musical is Extraordinary ... a generous dose of human ingenuity and wit ... they take improvisational comedy to a whole new level."

"Blank! The Musical is the best musical you'll both create and see in New York this holiday season ... original and rib-tickling ... like true comedy legends, they all make it look effortless."

"A theater full of artists at the top of their game and on the razor's edge ... it is a one of a kind theatrical sculpture as ephemeral as it is dynamic and great silly fun."

"A very funny (and young) cast bring to life this one-night-only musical ... we would not be surprised if a couple of these funny actors who can sing end up on Saturday Night Live ... super fun ... get your tickets!"

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