Everything is Art*
A re-brand for the world’s most democratic, uncurated, totally nuts fringe festival.
Watch the case film.
Melbourne Fringe is a totally uncurated arts festival – nearly three weeks of creative mayhem. The problem is, when people don’t know what they’re going to see they stay away. So a unique brand identity was created that turned its perceived pitfalls into a strength by embracing the huge range of shows. Furthermore, a communications platform called Everything is Art celebrated the festival artists and revelled in the revelry.
Client: Melbourne Fringe Festival
Executive Creative Director: Kieran Antill
Creative Director: Ander Hernando, Jess Lilley, Jim Walsh
Graphic Designer: Paula Filippone
Photographer: Marcin Haber
Producer: Emma Donaldson
Senior Graphic Artist: James Ayling
Stylist: Jacqui Erskine
Production: Cannery Productions
Account Director: Claire Herms
Group Account Director: Paulina Embart
Senior Account Manager: Rose Suys

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