How the C.I.A helped revive Harris Tweed in Fashion Culture.
Harris Tweed (the world’s original tweed fabric) needed to re-connect its authentic heritage with a new generation of fashion culture in America. Meanwhile, the film ‘Argo’ had just been released - In the film, Agent Tony Mendez wears a Harris Tweed jacket. It was discovered that the real Agent Mendez still had the same jacket he wore during the ‘Argo’ mission in 1979. So in 2013, to launch the new site we gave Agent Mendez a new Harris Tweed jacket at an underground event in New York and used the PR momentum to launch a new destination for tweed culture called ‘’.
Honorary guest at the Need for Tweed launch party in Brooklyn, NY: Real-life CIA agent Tony Mendez, from the Oscar-winning movie Argo. (Photo by Richard Ballard)
Team: André Gidoin, Simen Braathen, Michael Canning, Stian W. Bugten and Kieran Antill. (Photo by Richard Ballard)

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