8 Million Protagonists. An off-broadway play written by the streets of New York City.
New York Writes Itself began as a website that allowed people to write down all the weird and wonderful things they heard on the streets of New York - this ultimately served as inspiration for a series of Village Voice (Street Newspaper) cultural experiences. A comedy series, a letterpress exhibition and ultimately an Off-Broadway play - ‘8 Million Protagonist’
Watch the case film.
Submission via newyorkwritesitself.com and the village voice newspaper.
8 Million Protagonist poster design.
Advertising from taxi tops to time square.
8 Million Protagonists stage shots
20% increase in traffic to VillageVoice.com
51 million media impressions
Sold out shows over 2 weeks in Manhattan
84 articles from editorial channels outside The Village Voice, including New York Times, Funny or Die, Fast Company, Playbill and New York Theater Review

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