Canon 'Seconds / With'. A mini documentaries series that explores the fractions of seconds that make up a professional photographers career.
‘Seconds/With’ is a mini documentary series built around the insight that while a professional photographer spends decades behind the lens, the shots they value most add up to just fractions of a second. Season One launched with four online episodes, in which I sat down with four of the world’s top professional photographers – Darren Jew, Simon Harsent, Craig Golding and Stephen Dupont. Each photographer compared the time spent over their entire career, to the most valued fraction of a second they have captured.
Season 1. Ep 1. Darren Jew. 
Season 1. Ep 2. Craig Golding
Season 1. Ep 3. Simon Harsent 
Season 1. Ep 4. Stephen Dupont
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